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Mānuka honey oral spray MGO 400+

Beekeeping Manuka Health New Zealand
Manuka Health

1.2 billion bees and 25,000 own hives in New Zealand.

Our gratitude and appreciation goes to our hard-working bees and the nature they draw from.

Manuka Health Story

Mānuka Health – Europe's Mānuka Honey No.1

100% New Zealand

100% New Zealand Origin Guarantee!

Complete proof of origin back to the beekeeper.

The highest quality

Highest quality

Our Mānuka Honey is stored for up to 18 months to allow it to release all of its natural, New Zealand power and energy.

Sustainable beekeeping

Sustainable beekeeping

The welfare of our bee colonies is a matter close to our hearts. We attach great importance to sustainable beekeeping.

MGO content guaranteed

Guaranteed MGO content

All MGO Mānuka Honeys are certified for their MGO content and bottled originally in New Zealand.

Mānuka Health

What makes Mānuka Honey so valuable?

Mānuka Honey is an exceptional honey produced by bees from the nectar of the New Zealand Mānuka shrub. People all over the world appreciate it for its distinctive taste.

Mānuka Honey is only produced in New Zealand and only during a few weeks in summer when the Mānuka bush is in flower - making it a truly rare gift from nature.

Manuka Health


Mānuka Health Honey is special and valuable - it is "more than honey"! Today we know that it is the naturally contained ingredient methylglyoxal (MGO) that makes Mānuka Honeys so unique.