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More than just honey.

Mānuka honey - a precious and rare treasure from New Zealand's nature, which the Maori, New Zealand's natives, once appreciated.

The centuries-old knowledge of the special properties of the Mānuka plant and the legendary nectar obtained from the flowers of the New Zealand Mānuka bush has long been hidden. Many years ago we began researching the extraordinary properties and secrets of Mānuka honey.

Fascinated by this unique bee product from New Zealand, Mānuka Health got to know and understand the amazing properties of Mānuka honey. Ultimately, it was the groundbreakingdiscovery of the ingredient methylglyoxal (MGO) that has made Mānuka honey the subject of numerous scientific studies today, that confirm its qualities and encourage more and more people to buy Mānuka honey.



Your daily spoonful of well-being - for less than 1 €

Well-being directly from the spoon

To get through the cold season with a pleasant feeling, we recommend enjoying our Mānuka Honeys pure from the spoon every day.

Did you know? In 2006, researchers at the Technical University of Dresden discovered methylglyoxal (MGO) as a key ingredient in Mānuka Honeys: MGO is a sugar breakdown product that develops in honey through natural ripening processes. Mānuka Honeys have particularly high MGO qualities compared to other honeys. This makes them particularly valuable for our well-being.

By comparison, most flower honeys contain 0 to 20 mg MGO per kilogram of honey. In Mānuka Honeys have already been detected over 1000 mg MGO/kg.

Experience your very own feel-good moment now with original Mānuka Honeys from pioneer and Mānuka expert Mānuka Health.

Thanks to our special offer, you will receive a daily spoonful of well-being (approx 5g) for the equivalent of 57 cents.

Be quick now and benefit from our special offer.

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