Manuka Health

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Europe's Mānka honey brand number 1
Manuka Health Honig MGO 1000+ Weihnachten einpacken

Mānuka Honey MGO 850+

A rare gift of nature.

129,90 €

Manuka Honey MGO 550+

This rare and carefully matured raw Mānuka honey is full of active enzymes straight from Mother Nature.

From €66.90

Manuka Honey MGO 400+

1 kg stock package

145,80 €

Manuka Honey MGO 350+

Our feel-good star; the perfect choice,
for everyday use.
For only €44.90

Gift set Mānuka Honey MGO 400+ 250g with wooden spoon

A great Christmas gift.

49,90 €

Mānuka Honey Skin Care Set of 3

Blemish Spot Gel, Rescue Balm, Calming Cream

31,90 €